"Deeper than life, So we dive in."- Me

Taking life slow so it lasts longer.

Permalink Just ran with my bro. #Makingprogress #nikeplus
Permalink 👌✌️ night followers y’all can’t top my car. It’s the best in it’s class 🗿 I’m just keepin it 💯
Permalink High school students, college students, any students ! We all need a computer right? Well I have some for sale if your interested. This one is an HP Pavilion PC Hit Me Up for details. Very reasonable prices. Also fix computers as well as laptops and other devices. DM ME.
Permalink I wasn’t lying when I say that this is my favorite car in the whole wide world.
Permalink I certainly have more with this came from selling laptops and phones these three phones are $50 each they’re not the newest phones but it’s still a phone if you need one… Hit me up for details
Permalink Bruk it down.
Permalink There’s nothing like good times with you. I want nothing but happiness, love & tranquility. Let love be. @thenewmeaning  (at Rapids WaterPark)
Permalink With My Favorite Baby. 😍😘👌