"Deeper than life, So we dive in."- Me

Taking life slow so it lasts longer.

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Hmu or him up for details. This is everything free event on the 31st which is Sunday support. I believe parking is 6 dollars! (at Amelia Earhart Park)
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Permalink ‼️‼️‼️‼️   @copulation_iluvdat Listening To This Right Now . I Encourage Everyone.. To Check This Out. #RøyalSøuls #2014NewMusic #RøyalSøulsTakeOver If You Want Superb Music Then Let Your Mind Wonder And Listen To The Pictures #TriggaTre Paints With Every Lyrical Rhyme.. Indulge Yourself In A State Of Relaxation..Allow Yourself To Feel The #RøyalSøulsEffect !! ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️  Shout out to @lukeemsdream his 👉 hand man ! Partner in crime. Y’all give him a follow !!!!! Be On The Lookout For More New Material.  (at RøyalSøuls Near You. )
Permalink My heart & soul. Everything I am ever made of to this day. She has paved a pathway for me to tread diligently.. I have no doubt in my mind grandma will be forever. (at Miramar, FL )
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Permalink I completely love Chelcey Kymani Walker with all my heart. The words and thoughts that come to my mind when I think about her are just unimaginable. I just want you to know that I love you and I care about you, and I’m glad your all mine. Thank you for holding me down in my roughest times. ❤️✊💯  love you baby. ♥️ #417