"Deeper than life, So we dive in."- Me

Taking life slow so it lasts longer.

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Permalink ‼️‼️‼️‼️   @copulation_iluvdat Listening To This Right Now . I Encourage Everyone.. To Check This Out. #RøyalSøuls #2014NewMusic #RøyalSøulsTakeOver If You Want Superb Music Then Let Your Mind Wonder And Listen To The Pictures #TriggaTre Paints With Every Lyrical Rhyme.. Indulge Yourself In A State Of Relaxation..Allow Yourself To Feel The #RøyalSøulsEffect !! ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️  Shout out to @lukeemsdream his 👉 hand man ! Partner in crime. Y’all give him a follow !!!!! Be On The Lookout For More New Material.  (at RøyalSøuls Near You. )
Permalink My heart & soul. Everything I am ever made of to this day. She has paved a pathway for me to tread diligently.. I have no doubt in my mind grandma will be forever. (at Miramar, FL )
Permalink #StripeGang.
Permalink I completely love Chelcey Kymani Walker with all my heart. The words and thoughts that come to my mind when I think about her are just unimaginable. I just want you to know that I love you and I care about you, and I’m glad your all mine. Thank you for holding me down in my roughest times. ❤️✊💯  love you baby. ♥️ #417
Permalink Need a tablet?Was good friends and family I am selling my Acer tablet it is an Intel processor inside windows 8 ready tablet. Has everything you need for the upcoming school year perfect for college students I’m only selling it for $150 I bought it originally for $300 but I realized I didn’t want a Windows tablet I wanted a android tablet. So if you live in the Miami area Broward or Dade contact me ASAP it has a camera front and back as you can see in the photos and again nothing is wrong with it at all just wanted a different tablet hit me up in my inbox. Also comes with a protective case with pockets for business cards pens etc. also allows you to have the tablet in a free stand mode perfect for Netflix users! Has great battery life
Permalink I’m proud of my likkle brother for graduating and entering a new chapter in his life and pursing his dreams well off to college. Let today be a lesson. I pass the torch to you @thiskid_deem ! #yotimetoshine
Permalink Geek Squad running things as usual 👌✊ #558
Permalink Congrats to my lil sis for finally reaching one of many goals in and taking one of many steps on in to her life receiving the right knowledge to take her further into a positive future. Keep up the good work and you know I got you fam. ✊😘
Permalink I call that good times wit ya boy.